Full Hybrid Multi-service Access & Transport Platform for Communications Networks in Mission-Critical Systems

XMC20 is a purpose-built multi-service telecommunication family of network elements. It was designed to meet the stringent access & transport networks requirements for Mission-Critical Systems (MCS).

Being a  full hybrid access and transport platform, the XMC20 supports the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based data transmission in one single network element. Thus, it is capable to fully evolve towards packet-based transport networks (MPLS-TP). With this, our customers have the flexibility to choose the best technology for their mission-critical applications. This lowers the operational costs and enhances the reliability and the availability of services.

The XMC20 provides the same scalability in TDM as well as in packet-based networks for highest availability under any circumstances. Comprehensive QoS functions (Quality of Service) guarantee reliable data transmission. German-produced XMC20 is equipped with numerous redundancy and protection functions for highly available data transmission. It is mechanically robust and can be operated in fanless mode due to its low power consumption and low number of components, providing a very good eco-footprint. In addition, it profits from the extended product-life-cycle of the KEYMILE products.

The XMC20 is unique in providing highly secure end-to-end encryption in mission-critical networks, while still maintaining the very high level of data availability required for such infrastructures. State-of-the-art encryption is based on keys generated by a hardware-based quantum random number generator for the highest level of assurance.

Services in XMC20 are administered centrally by KEYMILE network management system UNEM and local craft terminal ECST. XMC20 can also be managed with the Ericsson ServiceOnAccess (SOA) network management system.

XMC20 platform highlights

  • Full hybrid concept for coexistence and interworking of native TDM and packet services within the same node

    Protection,  redundancy and encryption functions for secure data transmission and highest availability

    Wide range of applications and access interfaces supported

    Support for various transmission interfaces and protocols, including 10 Gbps, SDH STM-16, MPLS-TP and many others

  • Fanless operation supported, robustness

    Guaranteed long lifecycles due to state-of-the-art FPGA technologies and own manufacturing plant

    Wide array of services which include 3rd party equipment integration and maintenance

    All KEYMILE equipment and selected 3rd party equipment is managed under a Network Management System

The system family

The subrack XMC25 offers 21 slots for cards. It is especially suitable for large access points which is to serve a large number of interfaces.

XMC23 offers the same functions as XMC25 in a more compact subrack of 4 height units.

XMC22 provides 4 slots in a 2-HU subrack for installations where space is very limited.
LineRunner SHDSL DTM is a desktop for the connection to the SHDSL TDM-based line card SDSL8 with flexible subscriber interfaces.
Network Management System
Title Filesize Type
Data Sheet Network Management System UNEM 2.4 MB pdf
Title Filesize Type
Data sheet unit for highly secure end-to-end encryption in mission-critical communication networks SECU1 1.8 MB pdf
Data sheet for interface for local battery telephones with magneto line signalling Unit IMAG1 379.2 KB pdf
Data sheet high-density SHDSL EFM unit provides 24 SHDSL.bis EFM ports with advanced switching functionality for mission-critical applications SUSE2 1.3 MB pdf
Data sheet for transport of TDM and Ethernet services over SDH Unit NUSA2 771.8 KB pdf
Data sheet 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports Unit ETE24 277.6 KB pdf
Data sheet 12 port high density Ethernet unit ETO12 159.2 KB pdf
Data sheet for high-density Ethernet unit with Power over Ethernet SUP12 1.1 MB pdf
Data sheet for transport of TDM and Ethernet services unit NUSA1 556.7 KB pdf
Data sheet for aggregation of Ethernet traffic unit ETAG1 401.3 KB pdf
Data sheet for TDM and Ethernet services over a SDH uplink STM14 425.9 KB pdf
Data sheet for TDM Circuit Emulation Service for E1 connections via Ethernet and IP packet networks Unit SATP8 432.1 KB pdf
Data sheet for serial interface unit for TDM data applications TUDA1 426.6 KB pdf
Data sheet for TDM uplink of services SELI8 264.6 KB pdf
Data sheet for legacy G.703 64 kbps interfaces unit TUGE1 407 KB pdf
Data sheet SHDSL TDM services Unit SDSL8 304.7 KB pdf
Data sheet for interface for local battery telephones with magneto line signalling Unit IMAG1 379.2 KB pdf
Data sheet for E&M VF interfaces with onboard conferencing function TUEM1 248.1 KB pdf
Data sheet for POTS unit with 12 Foreign eXchange Office (FXO) ports TUXA1 224.1 KB pdf
Data sheet for POTS line card with 16 POTS (FXS) interfaces with extended voltage protection SUPM1 223.8 KB pdf
Data sheet for SIP voice media gateway unit VOIP1 215.9 KB pdf
Data sheet for POTS line card supporting high density POTS configurations SUPM2 220.1 KB pdf
Datenblatt für Dual-Power-Input-Module für die sichere Spannungsversorgung DUA23 DUA25 170.7 KB pdf