UMUX - The System Family

UMUX 1500 – the central network node to connect many subscribers

UMUX 1500 provides maximum transmission technology in the smallest of spaces and is designed for fitting in a main station, or a subscriber access node. At a height of 8 U, UMUX 1500 has 21 slots and can include redundant central modules and power supplies that guarantee maximum failure safety.

It supports up to 480 POTS, or up to 112 ISDN-BA subscribers and offers cross-connect capacity of 128 x 2 Mbps as digital 1/0 and 1/1 cross-connect system.

UMUX 1200 – for subscriber access in multi-apartment houses

UMUX 1200 is perfect for insertion as a subscriber access node in multi-apartment houses, or for remote nodes in rural areas.

It can also be used to connect base stations in mobile phone networks (e.g. GSM, UMTS). At 4 U it has 8 slots.

UMUX 1200 has a cross-connect capacity of 48 x 2 Mbps. UMUX 1200 can operate on DC current, but can also be fitted with an alternating current power unit, so that it will work on the public power supply system. UMUX 1200 can be inserted vertically or horizontally.