UMUX – more than just Multi-Service

UMUX is a multi-service access and transport system that can provide a variety of applications for dedicated network operators. It offers extensive multi-service capabilities, ranging from legacy data services to Ethernet-over-SDH functions.

In two sizes, UMUX can flexibly adapt to local conditions. Functional in a wide range of temperatures and with a robust design, it can be used in the street cabinet - however extreme conditions are.

UMUX platform highlights

  • Large variety of interfaces
    • Telephony (Magneto, E&M, POTS)
    • Data (G.703, V.11, V.24, V.35, ...)
    • Ethernet (100BaseT, 100BaseFX, GbE)
    • PDH interfaces (2 Mbps)
    • SDH interfaces (electrical and optical STM-1/-4 interfaces)
  • EoS (Ethernet over SDH)
  • SDH Add-drop Multiplexer and Digital Cross Connects
  • Data transmission in mobile telephony access networks
  • Functional in a wide range of temperatures -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Completely integrated network management system UCST/UNEM

The system family

UMUX 1500 is designed as the largest system in the family for use as a central network node and as an access node in larger networks.
UMUX 1200 is an access system for medium-sized to large-sized business customers, or for connecting business centres and residential areas. It is also used successfully in mobile phone networks.
TUNOR is an optical transmission system for 4 x 2 Mbps via a single-mode or multi-mode fibre-optic.
LineRunner DTM is a desktop for the connection to the SHDSL-TDM-based line cards STIC1/STIC2 with flexible subscriber interfaces.

UMUX is ideal for the following applications and areas: