PacketBand – TDM transmission in packet networks (CESoP)

KEYMILE offers CESoP function (Circuit Emulation Services over Packet) with the modem family PacketBand of British manufacturer Patapsco that KEYMILE distributes.

CESoP transports TDM services (voice and data) with a very exact clock signal in Ethernet, IP or MPLS networks. A multitude of parameters allow to adapt the PaketBand modems to the local environment of a packet network, hence, to grant best transmission.

The modems can be used in conjunction with MileGate or stand-alone.

PacketBand's highlights

  • Various traditional interfaces
    • E1
    • X.21/V.11
    • V.35
  • Modems with 1 x or 4 x E1
  • Chassis for up to 32 x E1
  • Multicast option
  • high-precision and stable clock recovery
  • configurable for various types of networks
  • cascadable
The system family

PacketBand VX with one X.21/V11- or V.35 interface

PacketBand E1 with one E1 interface

Packetband 4 E1 with four E1 interfaces

PacketBand CH with up to 32 E1 interfaces

PacketBand is ideal for the following applications:


  • PABX coupling over packet networks
  • 2 Mbps TDM leased lines over packet networks
  • V.35 or X.21 leased lines over packet networks
  • connecting GSM/UMTS base stations over a packet network