Dedicated and Customised Courses

At KEYMILE we endeavour to stay in contact with our customers in order to be aware of their needs, expectations and their problems. This improves the quality of our training, which in turn is to the benefit of the course participants.

If the option of a standard training course does not meet your specific requirements, KEYMILE can arrange dedicated customer courses. These can be tailored to the exact needs of the participants who will attend the course.

If you have special requirements for training, please do not hesitate to contact KEYMILE.

The courses can be delivered either at KEYMILE, your own premises, or some mutually agreed place.

For hardware-based courses where practical exercises are designed to confirm the learning, we recommend the course to take place at one of our well-equipped Training Centres in Hanover (D) or Hertford (UK).

Course costs for individual courses are charged according to duration, number of participants and the training location.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements by email