ServiceOn Access (SOA)

XMC20 is integrated into Ericsson’s network management system ServiceOn Access (SOA). This allows a smooth replacement of XMP1 network nodes with the future proof full hybrid multi-service access & transport platform XMC20 and makes it easy to extend XMP1 networks with XMC20.

All XMP1 functions are mapped on XMC20 to the most possible extent. The SOA XMC20 integration is hence allowing customers to have the same look and feel when swapping or migrating as well as extending their existent XMP1 network with XMC20.

SOA Feature Set

  • Fully supported in SOA
    • XMC25 (21 slots), XMC23 (8 slots) or XMC22 (4 slots) for different installation types
    • Uplink to transport network with PDH/SDH
    • TDM interfaces in one compact network element
    • Designed for operation in outdoor cabinets
    • Fan-less operation
    • Provision, configuration and monitoring with an intuitive network management system
  • Supported only using Local Craft Terminal (ECST)
    • Ethernet and native
    • Uplink to transport network with n x 10 GbE
    • Hot Standby of the core unit with switchover times below 50 ms (The XMC20 embedded software release R6B doesn’t support this feature – hence with higher software releases this feature is doable via local craft terminal ECST)
    • Fault Management: See reference Alarm Mapping
    • Node Inventory Management: According to SOA Software Standards
    • Performance Management: Card-specific. (G.826, layer-specific, (SELI8; TUDA1); MIB-2 Ethernet Interfaces, MIB-2 TDM Interfaces (TUDA1); Ethernet Perfomance Counters (COGE5)
    • Configuration Management
    • Cross connections:
      • PDH layers 64k, 2M
      • SDH layers VC12, VC3, VC4
      • concentrated on central unit COGE5
      • including Protection/SNCP
  • Protection
    • Equipment protection for COGE5
    • E1 line protection for SELI8
    • Protections are created
    • Save to persistent database in XMC20
    • Security Management