SDH Add/Drop Multiplexer

SDH Add/Drop multiplexers in the access network are the interface between an SDH network with fast transmission speed and the services of an access network with lower transmission speed.

SDH networks are employed today and will be further employed in many sectors. Due to the high quality of data transmission and the variety of protective functions SDH networks are ideal for mission-critical sytems.

For add/drop applications KEYMILE provides the following system:


XMC20 is a multi-service, packet-transport platform that combines Ethernet SDH and PDH technology in one single subrack. It's designed to handle the specific requirements of dedicated networks.

  • SDH transmission with SDH STM-1, STM-4, STM-16
  • Multiplex Section Protection (MSP)
  • Subnetwork Connection Protection (SNCP)
  • 1+1 Equipment Protection (EQP)
  • Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS) protection
  • Ethernet-over-SDH

UMUX provides highly flexible and fully featured SDH STM-1/-4 ADM and TM solution supporting 2 Mbps, 34 Mbps, 45 Mbps and partially filled optical STM-1 tributaries.

  • Sub-Netwetworking Connection Protection (SNCP)
  • Multiplex Section Protection (MSP)
  • 1+1 Equipment Protection
  • Link Capacity Adjustment Schema (LCAS) for Ethernet-over-SDH
  • VC-12 to the desktop
  • STM-1/STM-4
  • Voice interfaces (POTS, ISDN, E&M)
  • Data interfaces (V.11, V.35, ..., 100BaseT, GbE)
  • SHDSL interface

The XMP1 is a modular and flexible multi-service access system, integrated to a high level that offers a wide range of voice, ISDN, data and LAN services. The SDH and 64-kbps, cross-connect function is an integral part of the system. As a result, a variety of 64-kbps-based PDH network applications can be supported and seamless integration into STM-1/STM-4 ring, star and mesh networks is possible.

  • Modular system for all network topologies
  • SDH transmission with STM-1 and STM4SDH transmission with STM-1 and STM4
  • Numerous voice and data interfaces