Networks for Mission-Critical Systems

KEYMILE defines Mission Critical Systems (MCS) as network infrastructures providing critical applications for energy grids, railways, oil and gas pipelines and authorities.

In mission-critical networks, nothing is more important than guaranteeing the highest availability of the connections. With regards to mission-critical data, downtime can mean a risk to life and limb. KEYMILE products are based on decades of experience to offer solutions that meet the stringent access & transport networks requirements for MCS in the areas of clock synchronization, scalability, protection, reliability, ultra-long lifecycles and backward compatibility.

KEYMILE products for mission-critical systems stand apart

  • Highest availability for both TDM and Packet-based applications
  • Longest product lifecycles in the market (over 20 years)
  • Leveraging operational simplicity under a common network management system
  • Lowest power consumption in the market for outstanding eco-footprint
  • Perfect future-proof solution towards IP-based networks
  • Secure German-manufactured systems
  • Development in both Germany and Switzerland for highest quality products

The following systems are available for mission critical networks:


Full Hybrid Multi-service Access & Transport Platform for Communications Networks in Mission-Critical Systems


The Multi-Service Access system for SDH and Ethernet network infrastructures.


The XMP1 is exceptional for its high level of availability, support of different protection functions and low delay times.

LineRunner IS-3400

This 4-Port switch is ideal for transmission of data in telecontrol and process data communication via optical fibre and copper.

LineRunner IS-3200

The switches with up to 16 ports are ideal for transmission of data in telecontrol and process data communication via optical fibre.

LineRunner SCADA NG

Robust, multi-drop data transmission via fibre optics, copper wire pairs and PDH/SDH networks. Excellent for private network operators in telecontrol, remote monitoring and SCADA applications.