Broadband Industrial Ethernet Transmission System LineRunner SCADA

Extremely robust system for broadband transmission of Ethernet data

LineRunner SCADA is supplied in a tough plastic housing. It can fit on top hat rails – but also be used as a desktop unit.

Using the LineRunner SCADA MF3 assembly kit, you can accommodate up to four LineRunner SCADAs in a single subrack (3 U, 84 TE) in your main station.

For ease of access by operating personnel, LineRunner SCADA's interfaces and display elements are located at the front. Due to the low supply voltage and power consumption, the SCADA system can also be operated on solar plants. In addition to the user interface, the LineRunner SCADA also has two line interfaces. It also operates as a regenerator and media converter.

LineRunner SCADA highlights

  • Base subrack for an up to 2 network interfaces
  • Compact housing 135 x 43 x 150 mm
  • All connections at the front
  • LEDs for an optical display of the operating status
  • Power supply 20 ... 75 V DC
  • Power consumption <6 W
  • Shock-resistant compliant with EN 300019-2-3
  • Management interfaces RS-232 and Ethernet
  • Integrated media converter
  • Separate data channels with priority for Ethernet, serial and management data