LineRunner RFS/RPS

Remote modules for distant LineRunner SCADA

LineRunner SCADA RFS/RPS transforms input voltage to output voltage of another magnitude.

LineRunner SCADA RFS transforms low input voltage to remote supply voltage, typical for DSL data transmission. Alternatively it can also generate wetting current that is transmitted via copper wires and protects them from corrosion.

LineRunner SCADA RPS transforms remote supply voltage, typically used for DSL data transmission, into input voltage typical for transmission technology units.

It can also change locally available high voltage to an input voltage typical for transmission technology units.

A characteristic application is supplying a remote LineRunner SCADA in a SCADA network via the copper pair, used for data transmission, with the operating voltage as well.


LineRunner SCADA RFS/RPS highlights

  • Transmission of the supply voltage via 1 or 2 copper wire pairs
  • Data transmission and remote supply via a single copper wire pair
  • 2 connections for up to 8 W2 connections for up to 8 W
  • 24 V output voltage
  • Compact housing 135 x 43 x 150 mm
  • All connections at the front
  • LEDs for an optical display of the operating status
  • Alternate switching between supply voltage and wetting current