Flexible and robust SHDSL LT/NT Standalone Unit

You can use the LineRunner SHDSL DTM desktops as network termination (NT) for your subscriber. You can configure the SHDSL DTM flexibly as NT, or LT at the flick of a switch. As a result, SHDSL DTM is also available as LT unit for remote desktop-desktop paths.

LineRunner SHDSL DTM is supplied with a G.703/G.704 user interface (120 ohms). You can easily fit the unit with another application interface using an optional pluggable module.

A robust plastic housing (DTM) or a metal housing (DTM-M) are available. Optional assembly kits can assist in inserting the DTM-M in 19" or ETSI racks.

LineRunner and UMUX

The LineRunner DSL Desktop is fully compatible with the Multi-Service Access System UMUX. It is used as network termination (NT) in connection with the STIC1/STIC2 unit.