LineRunner DSL - SHDSL Transmission for professional Data Services


LineRunner DSL has a large variety of application/subscriber interfaces. They are modular and customers can adapt them later on if they change application. The modular design means that every network operator can have affordably-priced spare parts in stock.

LineRunner DSL highlights

  • A variety of exchangeable interfaces
    • 2 Mbps G.703 (120 / 75 ohms)
    • X.21/V.11 (also with sub-bit rates)
    • V.24 (also with sub-bit rates)
    • V.35 (also with sub-bit rates)
    • V.36 (also with sub-bit rates)
    • Ethernet
  • Up to 4.6 Mbps via SHDSL
  • 1-pair or 2-pair transmission
  • Up to 2 regenerators per path
  • AC or DC current
  • Remote power feeding of regenerators or NT
  • Complete management using LineRunner ASMOS

The system family

LineRunner SHDSL LCM is the LT of the SHDSL-based TDM transmission system with flexible subscriber interfaces.
LineRunner DTM is a desktop for the SHDSL-TDM-based transmission system with flexible subscriber interfaces.

LineRunner DSL – a good choice for the following applications and usages:

  • Symmetrical broadband Internet access
  • VPM and LAN-LAN services
  • PABX interconnection
  • Transparent 2 Mbps leased lines
  • Connection of GSM-UMTS base stations