FTTH - One optical fibre to every subscriber

The demand of bandwidth will continue to grow. The possible bandwidth via copper pairs will not suffice for new or extended Internet applications. Optical fibre with its high capacities and transmission range is the solution.

The MileGate Fibre Series is superb for FTTH/B applications and supports both active and passive optical Ethernet via one single platform simultaneously.

MileGate Fibre Series

The MileGate Fibre Series was specifically developed for the requirements of FTTH/B networks. The new optical fibre solution makes installation easy with top performance in a single subrack. Especially for business services, the MileGate Fibre Series supports transparent LAN services (TLS) via VLANs and private line services (PLS) in P2P networks. The MileGate Fibre Series offers top availability in hot-standby mode via a redundant core unit.

  • Highes port densitiy with up to 480 optical subscriber connections per subrack in P2P networks and up to 160 GPON ports in PON networks
  • 2 x 40 GbE access to core
  • 3 x 10 GbE access to core
  • Ideal for business services with TLS and PLS in P2P networks
  • Operation without cover is possible
  • Low power consumption
  • Highest availability and life span of over 50 year with best MTBF values
  • Lab-tested EMC makes operation reliable