FTTB - Connecting multi-tenant buildings efficiently

As a network provider, you want to offer your customers modern telecommunications services in tomorrow’s world, too. Maximum data transmission rates can be achieved via optical fibre to end customers. However, it’s often difficult and costly to bridge the last few metres in multi-dwelling buildings with optical fibre (FTTH – Fibre-To-The-Home). What’s more ONT (Optical Network Termination) can’t usually be installed by end customers themselves but require the network operator’s engineers.

An ideal solution regarding data rates combines the advantages of optical fibre with the existing copper-based access technology. This is possible due to the connection of multi-dwelling buildings (FTTB – Fibre-To-The-Building) and G.fast via copper wire pairs on the final metres to the end customer’s premise.

MileGate 2012 with G.fast provides almost 1 Gbps (combined upstream/downstream totals). That is fibre-like speed at copper access deployment conditions.

MileGate 2012

MileGate 2012 enables ultra broadband. To connect subscribers, MileGate 2012 provides eight G.fast interfaces. Fibre-like data rates are achieved via the copper pair of the existing inhouse cabling.

  • Provides 8 vectored G.fast ports
  • Supports VDSL2 operation with Vectoring
  • Uplink via SFP interface (P2P or GPON)
  • Electrical Ethernet for subtending
  • Wall mounting – optimized for FTTB installation
  • Easy installation – no fixed preassembled cables (no copper tail)
  • Fanless unit, no noise emission
  • Lockable housing/intrusion alarm supported
  • Integrated 115 ... 230 V power supply
  • Optional CATV converter module