Security relevant data transmission for railways according to EN 50159-1

If you wish to integrate security relevant services into your telecommunication network several European standards of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) provide the relevant standards.

For railway technology these are:

  • EN 50126 RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) and life cycle with railways
  • EN 50129 Safety of systems in signalling equipment
  • EN 50128 Software
  • EN 50159-1 Safety-relevant communication in a closed transmission network
  • EN 50159-2 Safety-relevant communication in an open transmission network


Both last-mentioned standards are applicable for "secure communication", where as so far only approvals for EN 50159-1 were granted from national approval authorities.

This means that your network has to guarantee minimum impact when failure occurs in interface line cards. For this purpose data transmission on a SDH network is mandatory, as switched or routed Ethernet-based networks are prohibited.

UMUX has been fulfilling the requirements of these standards for years and is employed in this special field successfully by international railway companies. With comprehensive protective functions and its robust design it fulfils all possible requirements. The extended operating temperature range and its "outdoor capability" allow for seamless operation even at difficult environmental conditions as e.g. operation in outdoor cabinets.

At the same time UMUX provides Ethernet over SDH (EoS), optical and electrical SDH interfaces as e.g. STM-4 with 622 Mbps. So you can continue to use your existing data transmission infrastructure and offer simultaneously with EoS new Ethernet services that meet the "absence of reaction" requirement without the installation of new and thus expensive transmission routes in your telecommunication network.


XMC20 is a full hybrid access and transport platform for mission-critical networks that combines Ethernet SDH and PDH technology in one single subrack. It's designed to handle the specific requirements of dedicated networks.

  • SDH transmission with SDH STM-1, STM-4, STM-16
  • Multiplex Section Protection (MSP)
  • Subnetwork Connection Protection (SNCP)
  • 1+1 Equipment Protection (EQP)
  • Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS) protection
  • Ethernet-over-SDH

UMUX is a Multi Service access system that provides a variety of applications for dedicated network operators. Apart from Ethernet/IP interfaces all legacy interfaces are supported. Manifold network interfaces are integrated as well.

  • Ethernet/IP interfaces (10/100BaseT, Gigabit-Ethernet)
  • Legacy interfaces (V/X, POTS, ISDN, 2/4-wire, E&M telephony, G.703, RS485, I/O contacts)
  • Network interfaces (SDH to STM-4 optic and electric, G.703)
  • SHDSL with remote supply and regenerators
  • Extensive protective functions
    • Multiplex Section Protection (MSP)
    • Sub Network Connection Protection (SNCP)
    • Linear Trail Protection (LTP)
    • 1+1 Equipment Protection (EQP)
    • 1+1 Path Protection
    • Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS)
    • EoS with Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS)
    • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
    • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)