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KEYMILE - because connectivity matters

What does "because connectivity matters" actually mean?

In a world in which more and more information has to be provided at ever increasing speeds, the dependency on communications infrastructures is growing.

We provide professional support when it comes to mission-critical networks. And we offer a wide portfolio to assist our customers actively in migrating from traditional technology to IP.

"Because connectivity matters" also means that security and trust are just as much a part of our culture as our products are and as criteria they are more vital than ever.

Our products and solutions

KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer of data transmission systems. The product portfolio includes flexible and robust multi-service access platforms, as well as stand-alone transmission solutions.

Our customers are telecommunications network operators. Using KEYMILE systems, they implement a range of network scenarios, from access networks with thousands of subscribers, to networks with several nodes, to point-to-point connections.

KEYMILE's access platforms make possible a variety of voice and data services via copper or fibre optic cable. The systems combine Ethernet/IP and traditional ATM/TDM and SDH/PDH technology. This guarantees efficient migration of the previous connection-driven technology to the packet-based Next-Generation Network.

By using the Multi-Service transmission systems, telecommunications providers can transfer all data via just one single system and therefore standardise their network.

Flexible, customer-driven and quality-focused

KEYMILE was established in 2002, after a merger of three leading access technology companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today, KEYMILE employs its workforce in 15 branches worldwide.

Both the size of the company and a long-standing tradition have made KEYMILE a specialist in customised solutions. Our customers appreciate us as a partner they can trust. A very flexible partner, focusing on the customer and high quality.

Our own R&D and production facilities, as well as a certified EMC lab, guarantee the customer receives tailor-made systems.

KEYMILE sees its relationship with its customers as a partnership and can offer a variety of services. For example, customers are advised on network infrastructure and network extension. KEYMILE provides support with project and technical issues round the clock and can provide training courses.

Our global customers

The company has branches and partners all over the world. Our customers use KEYMILE products in more than 100 countries.

Our customer base includes:

  • Public telecommunications network operators
  • Operators of stationary wireless, mobile and professional radio networks, radio and TV channels
  • Businesses operating in the railway, local public transport, motorway, tunnel, airport and waterways sectors
  • Energy companies, public utility companies, oil and gas pipeline operators