XMC20 R6 MPLS-TP Essentials

AvailabilityOn Request On Request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, Hands-on 1 Day Content LevelStandard Min 4 - Max 8 Location English, German and others

This course follows on from the XMC20 R6 Fundamentals course, and provides a comprehensive introduction to MPLS-TP functionality of the XMC20 R6 platform.

The course covers the MPLS-TP architecture, terms and concepts. It looks in greater detail at the capacities and capabilities of the Ethernet access units and the COGE5 MPLS-TP transport unit.

The course provides students with a comprehensive practical introduction to preparing and configuring an MPLS-TP network.

Target Group

The course is designed for all those who require a technical introduction to MPLS-TP on the XMC20. This includes Installation and Commissioning engineers, Operations and Maintenance staff, Support engineers and Planners.

Key Topics
  • MPLS-TP Architecture: LERs, LSRs and LSPs
  • PWE3 Model: Pseudo-wires, attachment circuits and tunnels
  • The Virtual Private Wire Service
  • Supported Plug-in Units
  • Design Rules, Capacities and Capabilities
  • ECST GUI Structure and Navigation
  • Port Types on COGE5 and ETxxx units
  • Global, Local and Node IDs
  • Creating a Tunnel: LSR Designations
  • Defining VPWS interfaces: Service Type options
  • Protected Tunnels
  • Management Communication Channels
  • Successful completion of the XMC20 R6 (MPLS-TP Transport) Fundamentals course
Documentation Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.