Lothar Schwemm


Lothar Schwemm has been Managing Director of KEYMILE and President EMEA DASAN Zhone Solutions since February 2018.  As of October 2017, he has been responsible for managing KEYMILE’s technology departments as CTO. His focus lies on growing the broadband systems business.

From 2013, he spearheaded the sales and technology department of FRIWO AG, a company listed on the stock exchange and an international manufacturer of charging devices, power packs and power supply units. In this role he successfully created and implemented a growth strategy, but was also able to broaden his experience and enhance his skills in an environment defined by medium-sized enterprises and develop communications with the capital markets.

From 1993 to 2012, he worked for Nokia in various segments and in different countries in Europe, Asia and the US. Following his first job as commissioning engineer, he changed to product management and took on various management roles. As sales director, he was responsible for one of Nokia’s top ten customers and as technical director he managed sales support and strategic technology marketing for a major customer with international operations for eight years. Until 2012 Lothar Schwemm was vice president at Nokia and in charge of global product management for mobile telephony base stations.

Lothar Schwemm’s career started at AEG Telefunken where he trained to be an electronics technician for energy plants in 1982. After several years in PLC engineering, he studied for a telecommunications engineering degree.

Personal Data

Date of birth: 26 October 1965
Place of birth: Dortmund, Germany