IP-MSAN for maximum flexibility in network expansion

The innovative access platform MileGate has been developed for a wide range of electrical and optical subscriber interfaces. With this flexibility MileGate supports installations in central offices with thousands of subscribers as well as in all FTTx network architectures.

MileGate combines carrier-grade broadband access, telephony and data interfaces in one single, compact IP/Ethernet-based Multi-Service Access Platform.

MileGate comes with a hybrid backplane that enables the simultaneous deployment of TDM- and IP/Ethernet-based services, and ensures a smooth migration of voice and data services.

As a result, network operators can continue to support traditional telephony and broadband services, migrate to the NGN (Next Generation Network) and provide high-value Triple Play and broadband business services, too.

MileGate platform highlights

  • Suitable for exchanges and FTTC, FTTB and FTTH network topologies
  • Flexible for both active and passive FTTH/FTTB network topologies
  • Optical Ethernet line card with highest port density and embedded CATV overlay (analogue and digital)
  • GPON line card for passive optical networks
  • Migrates voice and data from TDM to IP
  • Media gateways for POTS and ISDN via SIP and H.248/MEGACO
  • V5.2 interfaces for connection to traditional exchanges (a software update upgrades to a media gateway)
  • Large variety of interfaces
  • DSL (ADSL2plus, VDLS2 with vectoring, SHDSL EFM/TDM)
  • Ethernet (1000BaseT, 100BaseFX, GbE)
  • Data (G.703, ...)
  • Telephony (POTS, ISDN)
  • CESoP unit for traditional services in packet-based NGNs
  • Two-stage multicasting functions for excellent IPTV implementation
  • Comprehensive functions for Quality of Service (QoS) and protection
  • Business services via Transparent LAN Services (TLS) and Private Line Services (PLS)
  • Maximum availability in carrier grade quality (99.999 %)
  • Enhanced range of temperatures -25 °C to +60 °C (with fan)
  • Linux-based network management system
  • Excellent scalability (from a few to several thousand subscribers)
  • Very high subscriber density (more than 5,100 DSL subscribers or up to 1,920 optical subscriber connections per 19" rack)
  • Open interfaces to network management integration (CLI, XML, SNMP, ...)

The system family

MileGate 2510 is designed to provide NGN and legacy voice services in central offices, collocation centres and street cabinets with a high number of subscribers.
MileGate 2310 provides the same multi-service flexibility as MileGate 2510 in a more compact four HU subrack.
The mini DSLAM subrack MileGate 2200 is designed for cost-efficient access in sparsely populated areas.

MileGate is ideal for the following applications and areas