UNEM E-NP (Ethernet Networking Package)

AvailabilityOn Request On Request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, Hands-on 1 Day Content LevelStandard Min 4 - Max 8 Location English, German and others

The Basic Package function of KEYMILE’s Network Management System, UNEM, is to provide a high quality Element Management System. However, it also incorporates Network-wide functions for creating End-to-End circuits.

One function known as NP (Networking Package) handles end-to-end TDM trails and circuits.

A second function known as E-NP (Ethernet Networking Package) handles end-to-end tunnels and services over an MPLS-TP network, and is the subject of this course.

Target Group

This course is suitable for system administrators, engineers, operators and all those who work with MPLS-TP aspects of the UNEM platform.

Key Topics
  • MPLS-TP Overview, Architecture and Operations
  • Tunnels and LSPs (label switched paths)
  • Pseudo-wires and Attachment Circuits
  • Quality of Service
  • Protected LSPs
  • Using the graphical user interface
  • Service provision and Deployment
  • Pre-configuration steps with ECST and UNEM BP
  • Templates
  • Manual and automatic provisioning of Tunnels
  • Creating a VPWS (virtual private wire service)
  • OAM – BFD (Bi-directional Forwarding Detection
  • Provisioning Scripts
  • Practical Work
  • Successful completion of the UNEM Basic Package Operations course
Documentation Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.