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There is no doubt that people function more efficiently and satisfactorily when they are connected. Phrases such as "Only Connect!" (E.M. Forster, Howard’s End, 1910), and "It’s good to talk!" (BT, 1994) have been used to encourage us to see the value of personal connection and communication. Relationships can be enriched where there is a healthy interchange of information, opinions and ideas.

The same is true of machines. Good, reliable and secure connections are important, indeed vital. With this in mind, at KEYMILE we use the tagline "because connectivity matters". We aim to provide the mission-critical and broadband industry with networking products that offer unexcelled levels of quality, security and availability.

At the KEYMILE Akademy students benefit from our well-connected approach to technology and product learning. Experienced trainers with excellent communication skills combined with thoughtfully designed course materials offer the best opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills needed for successfully working with KEYMILE products.

Please take a few minutes to browse the website - or look through the pages of the brochure (you can download it below). You should find all you need to know about our range of courses and how to apply.

If you have special course requirements we will be delighted to accommodate these. Please speak to your KEYMILE Sales contact.

It would be our pleasure in 2016 to welcome you to one of our courses at the KEYMILE Akademy - where you may just be surprised at how much you benefit from connecting with us ...
     ... "because connectivity matters".

John Collinson

Head of Training, KEYMILE

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