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If you would like to apply for a place on an open course, please use the Course Booking form below and email it to us.

Otherwise, print the form, fill it in by hand, and fax it to the Training Co-ordinator.

Please use the registration form for the course registration. You can fill out online and send us an email, or print it, fill in manually and fax it to us.

Note : Unless specified, courses are taught in English with course notes also in English.

Course starts Course ends Course Name Site Status
01.06.2015 03.06.2015 UMUX Fundamentals Hanover Full
04.06.2015 05.06.2015 UMUX SDH Applications Hanover Full
13.07.2015 14.07.2015 XMC20 R4 Fundamentals Hanover Full
15.07.2015 15.07.2015 XMC20 TDM Essentials Hanover Full
16.07.2015 16.07.2015 XMC20 TDM Applications Hanover Full
17.07.2015 17.07.2015 XMC20 SDH Applications Hanover Full
31.08.2015 01.09.2015 MileGate Fundamentals Bern Full
02.09.2015 02.09.2015 MileGate Ethernet Bern Full
03.09.2015 03.09.2015 MileGate TDM Essentials Bern Full
04.09.2015 04.09.2015 MileGate Voice Gateways Bern Full
08.09.2015 08.09.2015 MileGate SDH Applications Bern Full
09.09.2015 09.09.2015 MileGate Circuit Emulation Bern Full
10.09.2015 11.09.2015 UNEM Basic Package Bern Full
12.10.2015 13.10.2015 XMC20 R4 Fundamentals Bern Full