Release Update (UMUX)

AvailabilityOn Request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, hands-on 1 Day Content LevelStandard Min. 4 - max 8 Location English

This course is designed to provide the participant with an overview of the changes between any 2 releases of the UMUX product. The course will include a summary of the new features and functions relevant to the customer that have been added to the product since the old release. In addition, the participant will learn about relevant upgrade procedures, and upgrade scripts, if applicable.


Target Group

This course is designed for engineers, planners and managers who require the knowledge to plan and work with the product during and after an upgrade in their network.


Key Topics
  • Review of customer's current use of product and functions of old release
  • New NE features and functions
  • Changes to management interface GUI
  • Detail of new key features and functions
  • Practical work on implementing new key features and functions
  • Upgrade procedures
  • Upgrade scripts (where applicable)



Attendance or comprehensive working knowledge of the content of the following course: UMUX Fundamentals



Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.