UMUX Fundamentals

AvailabilityOn Request On Request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, hands-on 3 Days Content LevelStandard Min. 4 - max 8 Location English, German

This is a course designed for Operations and Maintenance staff as well as support engineers needing a good knowledge of the KEYMILE multiservice access platform products including, the different systems managed by UCST (UMUX Configuration Software Tool).


Target Group

After completing this course participants will have the foundational knowledge to install, configure and maintain the UMUX product line. The training covers the system concept, functions and features as well as handling the UMUX equipment with the management system UCST.

The participants will be able to verify and properly operate the different configurations and application modes of the equipment. They will learn about the advantages as well as the limitations of the demonstrated products. Completion of this foundational course is a pre-requisite for attendance on other UMUX courses.


Key Topics
  • KEYMILE in the Access Network
  • UMUX Family
  • UMUX 1500 Hardware and Features, including installation, power and heat considerations
  • Control and Telemetry Functions
  • Configuration Software installation and basic use
  • Unit Embedded Software
  • LOMIF Transmission Unit (2 Mbps G.703)
  • SUBH3 POTS Subscriber Unit (G.711)
  • Cross-connections
  • Synchronisation
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • DATA Serial Data and Ethernet Subscriber Unit
  • Embedded Control Channels
  • Product User Guides
  • Practical Exercises


  • General background in telecommunications
  • Competent skills and knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system and applications



Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.