Circuit Emulation Services (PacketBand)

AvailabilityOn Request Delivery MethodInstructor-led, hands-on 2 Days Content LevelStandard Min. 4 - max 8 Location English

This course provides the participant with an excellent introduction to Circuit Emulation Services (CSE) and its implementation using PacketBand units. The course begins with a general introduction to the concept of TDM over Packet, the relevant standards and protocols, particularly in relation to the vital area of synchronisation.


Target Group

The participants are introduced to the PacketBand Units and the local management software, DbMgr. Configuration procedures and techniques are introduced, and the participants are provided with opportunities to carry out practical work to confirm the theory. The concept of logical links (pseudo-wires) is introduced, and participants will be given the skills to build resilient error-free CES circuits. Finally, advice is given with regard to how to analyse typical faults.

This course is designed for engineers and planners who require the knowledge to design, commission and maintain the CES Applications using the PacketBand platform.


Key Topics
  • Introduction to CESoP
    • Next Generation Networks and Packet Switched Network issues
    • Synchronisation considerations
  • PacketBand System Overview
    • Applications
    • Unit types and interfaces
  • PacketBand Management
    • DbMgr Overview and Architecture
    • Software installation
    • Modes and Functions
  • PacketBand Configuration
    • Connecting to the Units
    • Defining Clock Sources
    • Defining Logical Links
    • Multicast timing
    • Fault finding



A general understanding of telecommunications principles particularly in the area of CES would be an advantage.



Each participant receives a printed copy of the course documentation.