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Service Level Agreements


We can offer you four different service agreements:

KEYMILE Services Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Consultancy Service
Technical Assistance
Emergency Recovery (24/365)
Free Software Upgrades

The price for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is based on the level required (platinum, gold, silver, or bronze) and the number of KEYMILE network elements you have in operation.

Please get in touch with your KEYMILE sales representative if you require a quote.

Consultancy Service

Our consulting team can provide responses to the following questions:

  •     What do you and your customers need?
  •     How can we meet these requirements efficiently and at reasonable cost?
  •     How can your existing infrastructure be seamlessly migrated to new technologies and functions without impairing end-customer services?

Technical Assistance

The technical assistance team can help with technical issues, or malfunctions with our equipment. Our support engineers have in-depth experience and can analyse technical problems, come up with diagnoses and produce solutions.

Remote maintenance allows us to access the KEYMILE product in your network directly. As a result, remote diagnoses can be created and solutions integrated.

Emergency Recovery Service 24/365

Call KEYMILE support engineers around the clock in emergencies to receive professional support in eliminating malfunctions.

Free Software Upgrades

Free software upgrades give you the latest versions of the network management software.