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Secure your critical infrastructure with KEYMILE’s encryption technology

Highly secure data transmission

KEYMILE’s Trusted Security is a verifiable security concept.

KEYMILE’s SECU1 encryption card is the first solution on the market for exceptionally secure quantum-cryptography-based, end-to-end encryption in mission-critical communications networks.

As part of the hybrid XMC20 TDM/IP platform, the new security card sets standards in reliable, trustworthy and secure communications.

Quantum physics are the base for key generation and distribution

For its encryption card, KEYMILE uses a hardware-based quantum random number generator (QRNG) which creates genuinely random numbers and extremely secure keys.

Solution Brief SECU1 (PDF | 4,1 MB)

Data Sheet SECU1 (PDF | 1,8 MB)

The encryption cards are developed by security-screened personnel in Germany and Switzerland and produced in Germany. KEYMILE can consequently supply a backdoor-free solution, or in other words one with no concealed access options for third parties. KEYMILE gives you the option of looking at the source code on request. ISO 27001-compliant certification underpins KEYMILE’s cyber security strategy.

The XMC20 data transmission solution for mission-critical networks

KEYMILE’s hybrid, multi-service access and transmission platform allows operators of critical infrastructure to operate SDH/PDH and packet-based data transmission in one single network node.

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We’ve partnered with specialists at ID Quantique (IDQ) to deliver our security solution. IDQ is a Geneva, Switzerland-based, globally leading supplier of quantum cryptography solutions.

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A quantum key distribution (QKD) server can be added to the encryption solution in the XMC20. This advanced solution rules man-in-the-middle attacks out.

The KEYMILE Cyber Security Competence Center is there for you

KEYMILE is a professional and experienced advisor and service provider in the realm of mission-critical networks. Our specialists at the KEYMILE Cyber Security Competence Center can support you over the entire lifecycle of your network: from planning to operating your infrastructure.

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