New LineRunner IS-3200 family

30. September 2014

The new members of KEYMILE's LineRunner IS product family offer a powerful and cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling the mission-critical data networks belonging to energy suppliers, railway, oil and gas companies. Due to their compact and robust design, the industrial switches are ideal for tough environments where they ensure extremely reliable data transmission.

With its new LineRunner-IS-3200 systems, KEYMILE's boosting its range of solutions for data transmission via optical Ethernet networks in the mission critical environment. Characteristic users are operators of oil and gas pipelines, railway companies and energy suppliers who require very reliable data transmission in Ethernet networks. Typical examples are IP-video-camera surveillance, VoIP telephony and intranet connections in manned monitoring stations, or sensors that capture mission-critical data. As the LineRunner-IS-3200 systems support the Media-Redundancy Protocol (MRP), very quick switching is possible should a break in the line occur. At the same time, especially sensitive data can be backed up using the Zero-Loss-Redundancy function, so that no packets are lost – even if changes are made to the topology.

The LineRunner-IS-3200 industrial switches have been designed for use in tough conditions with extreme ambient temperatures. They excel in terms of top reliability, simple operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, long service lives and because they are therefore future proof. Due to their compact and robust design without any ventilation slits, the industrial switches can be mounted on a DIN top hat rail, in an outdoor cabinet, or directly on the wall. Power-over-Ethernet modules are optional additions so that Ethernet terminal equipment connected can also be supplied with electricity. As a result, customised adaption to different mission-critical scenarios is possible. The optical SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) interfaces allow flexible use of the systems, even for transmission reaches of over 100 km. With appropriate SFP modules, the interfaces can be adapted to the speeds concerned, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet. I/O contacts permit forwarding of alarms or switching statuses from external devices like telecontrol systems. LineRunner IS-3200 supports various topologies such as ring, chain and meshed networks and is available in types with ten and 16 ports from immediate effect.

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KEYMILE is a leading supplier of telecommunications solutions with key facilities in Germany and Switzerland. The flexible and robust multi-service access and transmission systems allow network operators to provide a wide range of voice and data services on copper wire and optical fibre. Simultaneous availability of IP/Ethernet and TDM technology guarantees perfect evolution to packet-based data transmission. KEYMILE systems are used for reliable data transmission in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by railway companies, energy suppliers and public organisations. Public network operators employ the products to provide top bandwidth to subscribers. The KEYMILE systems stand apart for their high level of availability and durability, ease of operation, good eco-footprint and top levels of system integration due to production facilities based in Germany. The company has subsidiaries and partners worldwide and has installed systems in more than 100 countries.


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