Hanover Fair 2016

20. April 2016

Part of KEYMILE’s hybrid legacy-packet XMC20 platform, the new security card sets a new standard in reliable trustworthy secure communication.

At the 2016 Hanover Fair from 25 to 29 April, KEYMILE will present its new encryption card for exceptionally secure, end-to-end encryption in mission-critical communications networks. By integrating a hardware-based quantum random number generator on the encryption card in its XMC20 multi-service access and transport platform, the company is raising the bar for security in mission-critical communications networks.
KEYMILE’s new encryption solution makes control and monitoring systems highly secure in the increasingly connected world of energy utilities and railway companies. Operators of mission-critical infrastructure can therefore ensure long-term security of their communications infrastructure without risking the availability of their networks. At this year’s Hanover Fair, KEYMILE will be a co-exhibitor in the BITKOM Innovation Area & Forum, hall 7, stand D28. It will showcase its hybrid XMC20 multi-service access and transmission platform with the new encryption card.

KEYMILE is the first supplier of a quick-to-apply, cost-efficient solution for end-to-end encryption based on quantum cryptography in mission-critical communications networks. With thousands of KEYMILE nodes in global utility and transport deployments, XMC20 next generation platform has already gained significant footprint, delivering new and legacy services and technologies in a single platform, meeting highest security and reliability standards.

The encryption solution integrated in the XMC20 allows operators of critical infrastructure to fulfil the stringent demands placed upon them by European strict secure IT legislations. The solution is purpose-built for the mission critical application and environments. Despite complex engineering design, the KEYMILE solution is easy to use and can be integrated into an existing network without making any changes.

The encryption technology applied plays a pivotal role. For its encryption card, KEYMILE uses a hardware-based quantum random number generator (QRNG) which creates truly random numbers from the start and very secure keys based on the random quantum states of photons. These provide much better security than previous keys. Therefore, they will be able to secure mission-critical communications networks in the future too. If required, operators of critical infrastructure can complement the solution by adding a quantum key distributor (QKD) server from ID Quantique (IDQ). Here, the keys are exchanged via the QKD server. In this enhanced solution, man-in-the-middle attacks become impossible as as the mere attempt at reading the key will make the attack be noticed. IDQ is a Swiss-based company and world leader in quantum-cryptography solutions.

As an experienced and professional supplier for mission-critical communications network operators, KEYMILE has also developed and implemented a trusted security concept which it will also be showcasing at the Hanover Fair. KEYMILE’s trusted security concept covers compliance with stringent security regula-tions for production in Germany with security-screened and certified employees to centralised management of data-transmission systems and the use of encryption technologies. Rouven Flöter, KEYMILE’s product manager of security solutions, will hold a presentation at the BITKOM Innovation Forum on Thursday, 28 April, from 3.15 - 4.00 p.m. on “Trusted Secure Communication” to explain this innovative approach.


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