FTTB - Connecting multi-tenant buildings efficiently

FTTB - High-speed Internet via Optical Fibre and Copper


Demands for bandwidth are constantly rising. Very soon the required bandwidth on copper pairs will only be applicable on short distances for new and enhanced Internet applications. Optical fibres and their abillity to transmit high bandwidths over long distances are a solution.

Investments in distributing optical fibres to single flats can be reduced by using the already installed infrastructure in multi-tenant buildings.

A network operator can plant a DSLAM in a house to terminate the optical fibre inside the building (FTTB = Fibre-to-the-Building). The DSLAM then connects the subscribers via DSL using the existing telephone cabling.

Each subscriber gets more than 100 Mbps on these short telephone lines using VDSL2 transmission.

So the network operator can offer the full bouquet of modern Triple Play services like broadband Internet, VoIP, Video-on-Demand and Internet television (IPTV) at minimal costs.

In addition to the mini-DSLAM MileGate 2011, the MileGate Fibre Series provides the ideal combination for a complete solution to address the needs of FTTB applications.

MileGate 2011

MileGate 2011 is a compact Micro-DSLAM to connect subscribers in multi-tenant buildings to the optical fibre network (FTTB). It offers 8 VDSL2 ports for maximum bandwidth over short distances (up to about 100 m).

MileGate 2011 offers optionally a media converter for analogue or digital CATV signals. CATV signals are forwarded parallel to the IP data stream. The Micro-DSLAM transforms the optical CATV signal into an electrical signal and forwards it to the existing in-house coax cables. So the network operator can combine a CATV offer with interactive VoD (Video on Demand) to supply his subscribers with a comprehensive TV programme.

MileGate 2011 can be cascaded to suit larger buildings. The MileGate 2300 can also be used in this case.

MileGate 2011 can be operated as a stand-alone solution or be connected to the MileGate line cards SUEN3/SUEN4.


  • 8 VDSL2 subscriber ports with more than 100 Mbps supports all VDSL2 profiles 30a and 17a
  • 2 SFP based optical GbE network interfaces (100/1000 Mbps)
  • 2 electrical 100/1000BaseT interfaces for cascading or ring topology
  • Optional integrated media converter for analogue and/or digital CATV signals with internal power supply
  • Triple Play services like IPTV, broadband Internet, VoIP
  • Carrier-grade broadband access
  • Optional POTS/ISDN splitter for legacy telephony
  • Low power consumption
  • Fan-less unit without any noise
  • Integrated power supply (115 ... 230 V)
  • Lockable housing (various locking systems available)
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