Mission-Critical Networks
Systems for Mission-Critical Networks
Nothing is more important in dedicated networks than guaranteeing superb availability of the connections. As regards, mission-critical data, downtime can mean a risk to life and limb.
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Broadband Systems
Broadband Systems
The requirements of a modern telecommunications network are manifold. Whether you're providing legacy telephony, business services or Triple Play – KEYMILE IP-based multi-service access platform MileGate supports you.
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MileGate Fibre Series
KEYMILE adds a purely optical fibre solution to access platform MileGate ...
FTTH Conference
KEYMILE to present a new solution for optical fibre connection at the FTTH Conference 2015 ...
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15 - 16.04.15
Bonn - Germany
28 - 29.04.15
Darmstadt - Germany
12. - 15.05.15
Moscow - Russia
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26.09.2014 - Berne (Switzerland)
IP/MPLS Systemengineer/Testmanager (m/f)
Your duties: Implementation and Testing of IP/MPLS software stacks and architectures together with our supplier on an off-the-shelf hardware ...
15.05.2014 - Berne (Switzerland)
Telecommunication Engineer (m/f)
Your duties: Support of our worldwide customers for our Access Network product called MileGate in the area of packetized netword applications, based on Ethernet and TCP/IP, Design, engineering and realisation ...
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